Regarding the Forwarding of telephone number

An Agreement between:
(Your Company Name Here)
A company, agency, or corporation referred to below as
"The Company".
And Robert Osband
Originator of Area Code 321, holder of the phone number 321-Liftoff, and referred to below as

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View Photos of the First Official Phone Call
1999 November 01 placed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Kennedy Space Center
3 2 1
It's MY Area Code!
(But I Share.)

I asked for it,
they approved it,
So it's mine, right?   :-)>

Whereas It has been established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that a telephone number cannot be sold,

Whereas it would be useful to allow The Company to use the phone number 321-Liftoff (+1 321 543 8633) for marketing purposes,

Whereas Ozzie is willing to provide consulting services to The Company, and,

Whereas The Company is willing to take messages for Ozzie, and pass them along as Text Messages,

Therefore the Parties enter into the following agreement:

  1. Ozzie will forward his mobile telephone number, 321-543-8633 (known by the arraingement of letters on the telephone dial as 321-Liftoff) to any telephone number provided by The Company for One Month in return for providing Consulting Services. The company will also pay all charges incurred by the telephone number 321-543-8633

  2. The minimum charge for consulting services for any given One Month period shall be $500 (500 US Dollars). Ozzie will also provide other such services on a case by case basis as The Company would find useful. Additional services shall be billed at the rate of $50 (Fifty US Dollars) per hour after the first ten hours (or other negotiiated rate), plus expenses which shall be reported monthly.

  3. The Minumum Charge shall be regardless of any other services performed or not performed during the month.

  4. The Company will provide a telephone number where 321-Liftoff should be Forwarded to. This should be a Receptionist position, where the person answering the phone can give an appropriate greeting. For example, Ozzie has been known to answer the phone, "You have Liftoff at SpaceLaunchInfo Dot Com. How may I help you. ", which immediately tells the caller, "Yes, we know what the telephone number spells", and where to find more information on the Internet, if they care to. Hangups at this point, or the announcment that the caller has a "wrong number" are frequent at this point.

  5. Some callers assume the number belongs to NASA and they ask about the upcoming launch of whatever is preparng to be launched from the Canaveral Spaceport. The answerer will be instructed on how to provide the information.

  6. If the caller asks for Ozzie, Robert Osband, SpaceLaunchInfo.Com, or otherwise makes the call appear to be a personal call for Ozzie and/or his namesakes, the answerer shall take a message, and Forward the message via SMS (Short Message Service text messaging) to a seperate telephone number, through a web page that Ozzie will provide.

  7. Should The Company wish to discontinue the Number Forwarding, and Ozzie's consulting services, after more than three months of service, Ozzie will stop Forwarding the number to The Company, and will provide callers with any phone number The Company provides for a period of at least 30 (Thirty) days following the termination of the service. IF the service is not provided for at least three months, then Ozzie will have no obligation to provide a Forwarding number to any caller.

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