The Phone Number
Is Not For Sale
But I'm willing to Forward it to you
or answer it to your liking
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An interesting Thread was on Reddit recently (, and is still buzzing. Thanx for your interest in my phone number.

For the status on your phone of the next launch from the Canaveral Spaceport, visit http://M.SpaceLaunchInfo.Com.

1 How I Got My Own Area Code
2 Chronology of Events, leading to the establishment of the 321 Area Code
3 Photos from the First Day Of Service
4 Proposed Agreement, if you'd like to have 321-Liftoff "Forwarded" to your business line.
5 How I got my interesting telephone number

6 SpaceLaunchInfo.Com, information on viewing space launches from the Canaveral Spaceport.
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7 Launch Viewing FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions about viewing a space launch.
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8 Canaveral Spaceport Launch Schedule

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If you'd like to have 321-Liftoff (+1 321 543 8633) forwarded to your space related business or agency, simply hire me as a Consultant. A Sample Agreement is available to look over. Keep in mind that if you can't take messages for me, you needn't go any further. It's my phone number, after all.

If viewing this page on your mobile phone web browser, press "0" to dial Ozzie.

View the Chronology of Events that led up to the creation of Area Code 321
View Photos of the First Official Phone Call
2000 November 01 placed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Kennedy Space Center
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It's MY AreaCode!
(But I Share.)

I asked for it,
they approved it,
So it's mine, right?

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